2.8 Reflect and Discuss

In this unit, we asked you to think, amongst other things, about:

    • ● how different Bernadette and Cormack’s English (and other Inner Circle Englishes you may have heard) is from the variety you teach and/or model;
      ● Outer or Expanding Circle usage in your location, including words which might not be considered to ‘belong’ to ‘Standard English’;
      ● your reaction to the way that ex-UK Prime Minister Brown announced his ELT initiatives in India, and what his announcement reveals about official views of Britain’s past and present relationship with English and ELT;
      ● how your students use English to communicate with speakers of other languages and how important their ability to use the forms of ‘Standard English’ is in these contexts;
      ● whether translanguaging is used in your part of the world and why/how you might use it in class.



 Reflection 2.3

Reflect in greater depth on one or more of these issues and then take part in discussion with other course users here, replying to one or more previous posts.

Note: Please complete this exercise in order to be eligible for the Course Certificate.