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      Being particularly familiar with Romania and Italy, I can say there certainly are tens of ‘dialects’ in these countries, and none are recognized as actual languages, as in the case of Mexico presented in the course. Wikipedia claims that Romanian dialects are all mutually intelligible, but I disagree to an extent. In my experience, you can put together a person from the south/south-east of the country with someone from the north and difficulties of understanding would arise, especially if there is a generational gap. Unfortunately, many of the regional languages of both Romania and Italy are vulnerable or seriously endangered, with older generations mostly being the ones keeping the languages alive. In Italy, these languages are so complex and have German or French influences, and one regional language I was exposed to sounded closer to Romanian than standard Italian!

      I agree with the linguistic claim that Standard English is in itself a dialect…I would say it is a ‘variety’ of the language. It shouldn’t be given more importance or status than the other varieties, in a perfect world…

      I’d be interested to learn more about others’ regional languages from their countries and their views on them.

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      Joshua TanJoshua Tan

      As a Malaysia from the southern region, I professed that I couldn’t comprehend the Malay speakers from the Northern region of the country. This is because the Northern accent of the Malay language is very different from the southern accent. In some ways, I can draw a parallel experience with the New Zealand English (where “e” is pronounced as “i” and that “accent” sounds more like “accint”). These diversities among different dialects are simply beautiful.

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