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      I live in the Inner Circle, so my list consists of California English words. I’m STOKED to find out if any of these are more widespread 🙂

      1. stoked! (excited)
      2. hella (very, extremely – as in “I’m hella stoked to be here.” /”This movie was hella good.”)
      3. gnarly (awesome OR awful – “These waves are gnarly!”)
      4. NorCal and SoCal (Northern and Southern California)
      5. the 5, the 8, the 163 – the article “the” is added in front of freeway names, which is not done on the East Coast.
      6. sick (cool, awesome – “Sick board, bro” – I heard someone use the word “righteous” in the same way once, as in “Righteous hat, dude!”)
      7. radical (or rad) – cool, awesome
      8. lane camper – someone driving really slow in the left lane
      9. dank (good)
      10. a grip (a large amount of something)

      To view past replies go to: https://changingenglishes.proboards.com/thread/10/non-standard-english-words

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