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      I really like the 2 opposing concepts of English as something external to be internalized and English as something created internally. While, like many of us, I’ve naturally thought of it as the first concept, I’ve been gradually moving towards seeing it as the second concept, and as plurilithic.

      On that note, some places & contexts in which I think learners experience English (and in which I experienced it while being a learner) are:

      – TV shows/movies (I think these are dominant)
      – music lyrics
      – the Internet (again, highly dominant context)
      – conversations with friends (also L2 English speakers)
      – during travels: in stores, restaurants, pubs, hotels/hostels etc. (with speakers of English from different socioeconomic, educational, cultural backgrounds).

      I think in these contexts the kind of English found is “non-standard”, to different degrees (highly non-standard on the internet or if listening to rap music, for instance), so unlike the kind taught in class; but definitely the kind that learners as users will continue to encounter and employ in the future, as these are the real contexts of use.

      To view past replies go to: https://changingenglishes.proboards.com/thread/16/places-contexts-english-exposure

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