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      Great list and quite comprehensive! I would add some factors like:

      – end goal of learning, such as for academic study (which would entail focusing on EAP), or for use in business (which would make the learner focus on Business English).

      – the learner’s L1 – certain L1s are part of language families that make learning English easier than others (e.g. Latin-based or Germanic-based language speakers might find it easier to learn English than speakers of Asian languages or Arabic language speakers, because of typological proximity, especially when dealing with the same writing systems.)

      – the affective filter of the learner, theory by which emotions, anxiety, levels of nervousness about the learning environment would affect the learning process and ability to acquire the language. According to this hypothesis, the affective filter needs to be low in order for acquisition to happen. Perhaps some teaching methods that are more authoritarian would cause the learner to experience a high affective filter and thus have struggles with learning.

      – learner experiences that maybe create a stronger desire to learn like living in a country where English is spoken primarily, like in study abroad opportunities, which then expand to having made English-speaking friends that might help create more motivation due to sociolinguistic reasons.

      – in some parts of the worlds, lack of access to basic resources would hinder learning.

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