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      Some problems of public belief I can identify in my context are:

      – the idea that there is only one English and the only acceptable varieties are those in the Inner Circle.
      – the insistence on “Standard English” grammar & pronunciation.
      – the idea that any deviation from “Standard English” is a mistake that must be corrected.
      – the idea that local varieties are not valid but simply errors of language use.
      – the idea of “English only” in the classroom as the key to learning English immersively and the golden rule to be followed.
      – the idea that proficiency means sounding like a “native speaker”.
      – the idea that using a dictionary (especially L2 to L1) is detrimental to the learner.
      – the idea Lingua Franca means simply “Standard English” used between “non-native” speakers.

      Addressing these is the difficult part…I suppose some ways are the ones touched upon in the course, like teacher workshops, asking the learners for their views on language and language learning and introducing them to some of the concepts, taking more official action by addressing the proper authorities. It is indeed an oil tanker and turning it around is not an easy task! Any paradigm shift is a question of great effort, perseverance, reliance on research findings in order challenge those opinions presented as facts, and a great deal of time.

      What are other thoughts and ideas?

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