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      I find the concept of translanguaging fascinating, and an equitable way of showing respect towards heritage languages while at the same time teaching English. However, it seems to be quite controversial still. Some questions:

      1. Is translanguaging recommended and possible in ELT contexts in which international students study English in the US or UK (for example) in institutions where there is an “English only” policy for classrooms?

      2. How can one effectively apply translanguaging to a classroom of mixed L1s (as opposed to all Spanish-speaking for instance)? I understand learning key phrases is a recommendation, but what exactly is a ‘key phrase’ from lesson to lesson, day to day? It seems challenging to learn key phrases in 7-8 different languages for the great number of lessons taught if you are a monolingual English teacher.

      3. Can/should traslanguaging be used in academic English contexts?

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