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      – Inner Circle Varieties of English:

      The more I reflect on the highly numerous varieties of English in the Inner Circle alone, the more illogical it feels to teach one variety (what is considered Standard US or UK English). What even is American English? Learners coming to study English in the US expect to be taught American English and American pronunciation, but how can we define these and place them in one neat box? Across the US alone there are multitudes of varieties and accents, not even counting “non-native” speaker varieties and accents, of which there is an abundance in the United States. So, yes, I believe we should be exposing learners to different varieties and these should be acknowledged.
      I used to have flatmate whose accent was very similar to Bernadette’s and who, on many occasions, I had a very hard time understating and had to embarrassingly ask her to repeat things a few times. She was speaking English, I was an English teacher, so what was the issue? Well, I had never been exposed to her variety before. Maybe it’s difficult to expose everyone to every variety, but certainly there are major ones like Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, Indian, Asian varieties, Spanish varieties etc. that ELT textbooks could easily incorporate?

      – British English

      What struck me from the former PM’s address was the idea that English belonged exclusively to the British Isles and that they were generously offering to loan some of it to India. This seems to promote the idea of linguistic imperialism even more so when one considers that Indian English IS already a variety of English.

      – Standard English in ELF usage

      As a teacher, I don;t think I have ever heard my international students communicate with each other in “Standard” English, so I think it is not important, because they negotiate meaning and are able to communicate effectively using their idiolets to form ELF.
      On that note, a friend and fellow English teacher told me once that American English was the real lingua franca. What are your thoughts on this view?

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      Sahar AmerSahar Amer

      My students use English as a means of communication with their teachers and admins as most of them are foreigners.

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      Many subjects are taught in English in universities That’s why English is considered one of the most popular languages all over the world . Students try hard to master English as a second language . Learners of English attempt to learn how to speak English perfectly
      . They learn the difference between American and English pronunciation .

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      Standard English is the variety of English that has undergone substantial regularisation and is associated with formal schooling , language assessment and official print publications .
      I do believe that standard English should be given due care for exams and professional career development.
      In Egypt , the majority of schools promote the idea of standard English to help leaners of English master the target language.
      Bernadette English pays attention to help parents develop themselves to keep up to date with the challenges of the 21 century.
      Regarding the former PM,s address , he has made it clear that English belonged to the British isles and they were offering to loan some of it to the Indian. It seems clear that has prompted to the linguistic imperialism. As India has plurality linguistic.
      In Egypt , leaners of English are taught how much use the English language to communicate with others all over the world.

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      Expanding Circle
      I am from Thailand, myL2 is English, I learn English for communicate so the word Standard of English is so far for me and the lesson in class is mainly develop 4 skilles(speaking, listening, writing and reading) so teacher rarly to talk about standard of English in class. I met many Asian students and we use English as a Lingua Franca and we understand eachother well. Ohnestly my first piority to learn English is communicate then standard English may come to the last one.
      I think many asian students the probably not aware of standard of English, their goal may be pay attention on how to use English in effective way.

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