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      Very interesting! The video explained this complex concept in a very efficient way!
      I agree with the conclusion that what learners are taught as rules is not what they know & use in communicative contexts. I had a very good example of this with one student who could communicate with great ease and fluency, who would naturally use some complex grammatical forms in a way we would consider ‘correct’, and others not so ‘correctly’ but effectively, nonetheless. However, he struggled massively in actual grammar class and in quizzes I could see him whisper to himself and make helpful hand gestures while struggling to think of and apply the rules. He clearly did not assimilate what he was taught formally, but had great command of the language and I was convinced would have no problem communicating. I wish we didn’t have to test students in such ways (e.g. in this institution teachers were required to give a weekly quiz…), nor teach rules prescriptively. I recognize there has been some departure from this in the form of inductive learning, but in too many cases there is still the expectation and sort of built-in sense of obligation to teach rules. Thoughts?

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