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      I would say I use a mix of materials that include required textbooks, personally created materials through which I try to promote plurilithic views (like discussion questions based on aforementioned TED talks, or student-centered activities involving creative use of vocab), and ideas taken or adapted from various online resources. I find that textbooks tend to focus on English as a monolithic system, for a variety of reasons.
      Some ways in which materials implicitly or explicitly promote monolithic views are by not including varieties of English other than Standard British or American in the examples they give, in the grammar or vocab they present, or in the listening exercises where you only hear RP accents or whatever rhotic, TV American accent is widely considered as “most American”. (Side note, I was recently watching a comedy TV show where in a conversation between an Irish speaker of English and an American from Los Angeles, the American mentioned how much they loved the Irish accent and when the Irish speaker returned the compliment the answer was “We don’t speak with an accent.” I found that funny as it is a commentary on how silly that is and of course everyone HAS an accent.)
      Perhaps one way to start embracing some plurilithic views would be to add one chapter called World Englishes, to acknowledge their existence and introduce students to them. Maybe there are already are some? Does anyone have any knowledge that materials are promoting pluritihic views of English out there?

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