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      I love this idea of making language one’s own, and I liked this exchange in which the teachers arrived at this conclusion.
      I think there could be forums for students to share their local experiences. In an online medium perhaps actual forums, discussion boards like this one, blogs, or even vlogs on YouTube channels could be created and used for students from all sorts of different learning contexts to share their experiences. This could start as a simple class task, guided by the teacher initially and let evolve and grow through the student voices.
      In a recent conference, two teachers in different US cities and states presented their project wherein they set up Google Slides presentations/videos with their respective students and then paired or grouped their students with each other across geographical constraints to work on their student-created videos, using topics that focused on them, their culture etc. I liked that and it could grow in scale and scope.
      In one school I worked with where students came from tens of different cultures, we hosted a yearly International Day where students recreated their country/culture in their classroom using means like traditional food, games, music, pictures and videos of their countries, recreating important landmarks, offering mini language classes etc. They talked about their culture and their countries and their language to everyone visiting using English (their English) and it was always a wonderful result. This could be adapted to include ways of raising their awareness about language learning, somewhat like the collaborative forum discussed in the course.
      This is a challenging question…does anyone have other views/ideas?

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