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      Going through this section I was imagining a teacher workshop I could run based on this course. Starting with the self-assessment tool and going through some major concepts like monolithic vs plurilithic, ELF, World Englishes, Kachru’s Circles etc., and showing one or 2 videos like a TED talk and the video that explains the declarative and procedural memory. This would certainly fill up an hour easily, and would be a good start, I think, in getting teacher intrigued and curious for more. I think it would pique their interest, and I can see some teachers who have taught abroad or who are multilingual themselves maybe being more open to these ideas, but at the same time I foresee some surprised and more reluctant reactions, some more rigid and unmalleable thinking, and some teachers resigned to the idea that institutions would not embrace these concepts, even if they do. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to put the message out there, regardless of the initial resistance towards it. Persistence and perseverance is the only way change will ever happen and how it has happened historically.

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      Evaluating is the main obstacle we may face. But using different kinds of assessments may make it little easy.

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      Persuading most of other colleagues for an awareness would be a challenge to a certain extent as some of them are so much embedded in the notion of a standard.
      Besides all these, all curriculum, courses and most of all evaluation, as mentioned in a previous comment should be amended at a large national scale.

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      Dauda PikawiDauda Pikawi

      It may not be an easy task though, but I see how I will be using these resources to do a mini teacher workshop. But how do we over come the challenge of certificates? Our teachers here hold that in high esteem

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      I would say that changing or persuading my colleagues’ mindset about English would not be easy but it’s not quite impossible since they have their own perspective about English. It would take time for them to fully comprehend it or even embrace it. Presenting data and studies to them would really help them to change their minds.

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      The concept of “World Englishes” is controversial aspect in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is in the Outer Circle country where English has been gifted in the British colonial period. There is “Standard Sri Lankan English” but it is again controversial aspect in Sri Lanka. The main reason for this issue is that Sri Lankans are not ready to accept this particular variety and Sri Lankans want to study themselves and teach their children, standard British English. After learning about this concept of World Englishes, it is kind a miracle to Sri Lankan second language learner of English and the worst thing is that they do not know about that and just follow the wave.
      I would like to make a contribution on Sri Lankan society through writing a motivational blog post or an article about the concept of “Changing Englishes” which I learnt in this concept. There were many things that I learnt from this course honestly.

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      I think the hardest part about sharing this idea with my colleagues and the school would be trying to design different types of assessment that are also standardized in some way.

      I’ll still share this course with them to do on their own once we’re all back together again!

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