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      Going through this section I was imagining a teacher workshop I could run based on this course. Starting with the self-assessment tool and going through some major concepts like monolithic vs plurilithic, ELF, World Englishes, Kachru’s Circles etc., and showing one or 2 videos like a TED talk and the video that explains the declarative and procedural memory. This would certainly fill up an hour easily, and would be a good start, I think, in getting teacher intrigued and curious for more. I think it would pique their interest, and I can see some teachers who have taught abroad or who are multilingual themselves maybe being more open to these ideas, but at the same time I foresee some surprised and more reluctant reactions, some more rigid and unmalleable thinking, and some teachers resigned to the idea that institutions would not embrace these concepts, even if they do. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to put the message out there, regardless of the initial resistance towards it. Persistence and perseverance is the only way change will ever happen and how it has happened historically.

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