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      I think the most attainable goals (or at least a starting point) are approaching ways of raising student and fellow teacher awareness through class activities, workshops and formal and/or informal discussions. This is something each and everyone of us can start doing. In today’s new-normal teaching-learning online environments that have challenged us all, perhaps we feel a new source of stress, but once we can safely return to our classrooms, perhaps that would be a good opportunity to start rethinking our approaches to language and how we might introduce plurilithic thinking to our learners and our peers. It might be the opportune time to address policy makers as well. Who knows, maybe we will all be more open to new approaches in a new world…In what ways positive or negative do you think this pandemic will affect the world of ELL, TESOL, etc?

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      Sahar AmerSahar Amer

      Normally in Arab countries, what to be taught decisions is made by either administration of a university or the ministry itself. Sometimes a teacher can choose a book for supplementary use. I personally prefer to tailor the course according to the learners needs, but of course that will generate a huge gap if a standardized test is done at the end. A good solution to this predicament would be is to share broad guidelines of what the ministry of education wants students to achieve after a certain amount of time; i.e., to share a wider scheme of work.

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      Learners of English are advised to communicate with native speakers to acquire the right accent and pronunciation. They must try hard to make the best use of all resources and material to master the English language.

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