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    Teaching standard English is important for English test, but for communication I consider non standard English. To make friend, especially by social media, the students don’t need to use standard English. What the most important for me is to develop students’ confidence to use English and develop the sense of belonging of English. This is very important, if the students have no sense of belonging , then they will be burdened usng English for communication. That’s why I am not agree with the regulation or policy that consider English as an exclusive language for certain speakers.

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    Translanguaging is very common in communication, esppecially in multilingual society, soemtimes it’s very important to do code switching or mixing not only to deliver effective message but also to build relationship and to show expression. In teaching English, I sometimes do code mixing and code switching to connect to mmy students. It helps a lot, especially in speaking class.

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    Cultural difference is among the factor that influence the use of language. When I asked my students to translate indonesian to English, they tend to transslate the litteral word to word translation. For example:
    Jangan buang samapah sembarangan (do not littering), they translate as “Do not throw the waste anywhere”

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    In the past, when the mobility and communication were limited to geographical location, a language could be associated to certain group of people. Yet, by the development of technology and high mobility, a language be own by anybody. Any people can learn language, the community who use that language can modify and create their own dialect.

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    As Indonesian, English is a foreign language. Yet, some communities modify several English word, sudh as: Woles (Slow),

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    As a monolithic view, English has a standard rules that must be follow by the learner. This then define good and bad English, or standard or non standard English. In fact, language is dynamic and it changes, including English. As a lingua franca, English has made contact with different language and culture which then enrich the English language itself.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)