Changing Englishes

An online course for teachers

English, like all languages, is constantly changing. But in these globalising times, it is changing at a faster pace and in a greater number of contexts of use than ever before. Non-native users, including learners and teachers, are the agents of much of this dynamism, bringing to English the rich influences of their local languages and cultural contexts. They are also recrafting English to serve as a lingua franca between users of different first languages. The idea of English as a foreign language, belonging to native speakers only, is rapidly passing. And referring to English in the singular—which has always misrepresented its diversity—is no longer adequate.

Changing Englishes is an urgent issue for teachers. This online course is designed to help you meet the challenges it poses and to make the most of the opportunities it offers.

Before starting the course, check out the Introduction, which provides more information about the course, how to get credit for completing it, and how to adapt it for use in teacher development programmes. Then take a look at the Course Overview, which summarises the content of each unit.