Course Introduction
Unit 1: Defining English
Unit 2: Using English
Unit 3: Learning English
Unit 4: Teaching English
Unit 5: Changing English
End of Course

1.6 Reflect and discuss

In this unit, we introduced the following concepts:

  • English is more like a galaxy than a rock
  • Many people have a monolithic concept of English and other languages
  • Most linguists believe that monolithic concepts of language(s) are idealisations
  • Monolithic concepts of English are associated with the rise of ‘Standard English
  • Monolithic concepts of English have developed for both social and cognitive reasons
  • Rules can be seen as ‘regulations’ dictating ‘correct’ usage.
  • Rules can also be seen as ‘regularities’ describing ‘actual’ usage
  • Monolithic concepts of English can be challenged on at least four levels: ontological, ethical, socio-economic, and pedagogical

Reflection 1.3

Reflect in greater depth on one or more of these concepts and then take part in discussion with other course users in the discussion section at the bottom of this page, replying to one or more previous posts.

Note: Please complete this exercise in order to be eligible for the Course Certificate.

Discussion Section

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